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Knowing The Past To Influence The Future.

African American Cultural Center

Who We Are

Since 1958, the African-American Cultural Center, Inc. has enabled spirits to soar and offered sanctuary, validation and celebration for the duality of being African and American.

The African American Cultural Center was founded by Malcolm Erni, an evangelist with Caribbean roots who had a devout faith in the virtue of his ancestry. Born and raised in Buffalo NY, Erni dreamed of a cultural and spiritual sanctuary where young people would learn that, God is a God of all races and ethnic group.


Our Programs

The African American Cultural Center stands firmly committed to promoting a positive sense of self among the community it was founded to serve. Its programs and services are still structured to motivate personal growth, stimulate untapped potential and facilitate a better understanding of cultural diversity among all people.


We Rely On Your Support!

Imagine the world without the contributions of African American culture! Your generosity helps the African American Cultural Center continue as a valuable resource for the entire Buffalo community.

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