2021 Pine Grill Jazz Reunion Recap

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Zhanna Reed, also known as Zhelre’, made history during this year’s Pine Grill Jazz Reunion 2021. With music artists such as Charlie Reedy’s Jazz Quartet as the soundscape, Reed created two acrylic works on canvas. Developed by Yao Kahlil Newkirk, Artistic Director of the African American Cultural Centers’ Paul Robeson Theatre, this live exhibition was the first of its skins in 32 years of this annual event. Zhanna is a model, a musician, an actress, vocalist, dancer, writer, speaker, teaching-artist, and occasional leftie. As a painter she creates what she calls “leftie art.” Zhanna is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Buffalo State University of New York, from where she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. These paintings, donated by Reed, along with other items, will be auctioned at the African American Cultural Center this Fall.

Featured Artist

Zhanna 'Zhelre’ Reed

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