Student Work

This page is dedicated to showcasing our Educational Directives students. Here, youth have the opportunity to display their talents and ablities in art, music, poetry, and other forms of creative expression. 

Nia Morse

I like to be around my family and close friends. I started writing poetry when I was 9 or 10. I think especially in this day and age that verbal communication is key. A lot of things happen throughout the daily lives of my peers. It’s sad that I have seen my peers lash out and express themselves in ways that could have been handled better. I personally feel that things like bullying and suicide can be relived or resolve by simply expressing yourself.   

We Are Going To Rise


We are going to rise like the morning sun when she dismisses the nightly moon.

We are going to dance to the beat of our drums, carved to create our motherland tune.

We will stand, leap, run, at the joyous occasion of our people loving our people, because we hated for much too long.

And the day will come when we sing our tribal songs.

We will take back what belongs to us.

Our own foundation, our own pride, our men will walk with their head held high, our women with a sway in their stride.

WE will rise.





My people will no longer appeal to the categorization of “Minority”.

We are a Majority!

We have the authority to overcome adversity but first we have to come together.

Drop the guns and un-ball fist because firearms and arson will not up hold our strength.

We need brothers and sisters to stand together to show our relevance and soon to them we will be evidence or real Majority liberal and up holding our rights.

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