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The AACC Dance and Drum Performance Company is the agency’s founding component.


AACC founder Malcolm Erni believed that knowledge and understanding of traditional West African rhythm and movement could help to revitalize his beloved East Side Buffalo, NY community. Its mission is to provide authentic cultural exchange as a means of educational enlightenment.


The company has developed under the direction of West African cultural artists and the influence of African American pioneers in the dance genre. Sengalese nationals who have contributed to the growth of the AACC Dance and Drum Performance Company include Youssou Lo, Adama Seydi and Lynette Simmons; Ussnom Sail, Raymond Syla, M’Baye Babacar and Rama Diagne, among others. Its repertoire has been compiled with attention to the influence of American choreographers Katherine Dunham and Pearl Primus, among others. The dance chamber is named for choreographer Ronnie Latham, who also played an important role in its development.


The AACC Dance and Drum Performance Company has appeared performed before an estimated 200,000 people in New York, Ohio,

South Carolina and Ontario, Canada. There is a both an adult and children’s troupe, which are available for corporate and community-based performances and present an annual recital. Company co-directors Youssou Lo and Adama Seydi also teach weekly dance

and drum classes that are open to the community. 


To request a performance or for more information contact the

African American Cultural Center at 716-884-2013 or africancultural350@gmail.com .

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